Instructor Guide

About Us

Protohaven is a Pennsylvania nonprofit founded to serve the public good by providing space, tools, knowledge, and community for creation and innovation. For a monthly fee, anyone can join Protohaven as a member to access our tools and space. Many of our members are start-up organizations, artists, or hobbyists. In addition to machines and software for making just about anything, Protohaven offers classes to the public. That’s where you come in!

About You

Instructors at Protohaven are usually the first person new members and guests meet in our space. You’ll encounter a wide-range of students, some with a lot of machine experience, and others that are not as comfortable using equipment. We pride ourselves on being an open, accessible, and welcoming place, so it is important that your attitude reflects that. Our goal is to inspire confidence and spark inspiration.

Classes at Protohaven

Equipment Clearances

  • 2 hrs duration
  • Weekly recurring schedule, usually on weekday evenings
  • Small class size (6 students maximum)
  • Usually led by Area Leads (go-to people who maintain the different shop sections)
  • Focused on safe, responsible use of equipment
  • Can be adjusted to a Clearance Test for experienced users
  • Open to the general public, but students must have active membership to use equipment outside of class time.

Make & Takes

  • Short duration (1-2 hrs)
  • Single-session workshops
  • Small to medium class size
  • Led by friendly and energetic makers
  • Simple, unique project-based experiences where students will walk away with something cool that they made
  • Open to people with any experience level

Master Courses

  • Long duration (2-4 hrs)
  • Multi-session courses
  • Small class size
  • Led by patient and seasoned experts in their field
  • Focused on developing deeper skills in specific shop areas, typically geared around the completion of a large project, but not always
  • Open to people who already have the necessary Equipment Clearances (unless the course includes this)

Creating a Workshop at Protohaven

  1. Fill out the Protohaven Workshop Interest Form with some basic information. Think of this as “pitching” your idea to us! Not sure exactly what you want to teach? Just fill out a general Instructor Interest Form, and we can work on some ideas together.
  2. A Protohaven staff member will email you to set up a meeting to discuss your idea.
  3. Compile the necessary documentation (i.e. class structure, project specs, materials, class size, duration, photos) and send to us. We will use this to set up a class listing for you on the Protohaven website.
  4. We’ll put your workshop on the schedule so it’s ready to promote to the public.

What You Get as a Protohaven Instructor

  • 50% commission on each class. For example, if the class has 6 students at $60 per student, you will receive $180 in payment (half of $360 total).
  • Free Equipment Clearance in the area in which you teach.
  • Commonly-used materials may be subsidized by Protohaven for class purposes.
  • Cross-promotion on our website, social media, and general membership community.