Shop Techs 2022/23

Protohaven’s Shop Tech program is a one-year co-development program where participants build their design, fabrication, interpersonal, and shop management skills while helping shape and support our community. It is ideal for individuals who are enthusiastic about design, fabrication, and helping to lead a clean, welcoming, and functional community shop.

As a team, Shop Techs represent our maintenance and member support corps at Protohaven—this support comes in the form of greeting and helping members, maintaining and repairing equipment, keeping the shop clean and tidy, and being representative of our Community Guidelines and Shop Rules

As we continue to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic we are focusing our Shop Tech program on reconvening and growing our community in a way that emphasizes inclusion, togetherness, mutual support, and social engagement. 

Our Organization

Protohaven is a nonprofit design and fabrication school built to serve the public good. Our mission is to engage people in the process of making things to enrich individual lives, build thriving communities, and contribute to a vibrant, sustainable society. Our approach mixes new technology with traditional techniques to help students and members from all walks of life create amazing projects – from innovative technology to business-building products to inspiring works of art.


  • Weekly Shop Shifts: Serve one regularly-scheduled weekly (M-Su 9:50am – 4:10pm OR 4:00pm – 10:10pm) on-site shift to ensure the shop is a safe, clean, and welcoming place to work. Enforce Community Guidelines and Shop Rules. Perform shop tasks like cleaning, organizing, performing regular maintenance, developing maintenance documentation, and supporting members.
  • Monthly Tech Call: 1 hour, regularly scheduled for group check-ins
  • Ongoing Community Engagement: Actively engage with the #techs and #maintenance channels on our community Discord server throughout the week to keep up with ongoing shop operations and community updates. Assistance with social media (Instagram) encouraged.
  • Front Desk Assistance: Respond to calls to the front desk and answer emails or forward them to the appropriate staff members.

Instruction & Clearances: Performing/instructing basic clearances for members during your shift. Time spent instructing is paid at $30/hr.


  • Responsible, empathetic, conscientious, and friendly
  • Experience collaborating with diverse groups of creative people to accomplish common goals
  • Ability to represent and communicate our Shop Rules and Community Guidelines with accuracy and clarity
  • Enthusiasm for workspaces that are safe, clean, organized, and functional
  • Skills in technical troubleshooting, problem solving, and critical thinking
  • Ability to use and/or learn email, Google Apps, and Discord

Details and Benefits

  • 1 year General Membership
  • Free access to equipment training and classes in Protohaven’s woodshop and laser fabrication areas with additional free classes available by request.
  • Dedicated maintenance trainings
  • Participants qualify as volunteers (during non instruction hours), and benefits are non-taxable (educational benefits and no-additional cost services)
  • Participants may work with children and PA Child Abuse History, PA criminal background, and FBI criminal background clearances may be required
  • Protohaven is committed to serving the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities, and members of these communities are enthusiastically encouraged to apply.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement 

Protohaven seeks to create an inclusive and equitable organization at all levels. To that end, Protohaven is committed to recruiting candidates that represent our diverse community in race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and ability. With inclusion as one of our core values, we strive to create an environment where all feel welcomed and are treated with dignity and respect. 

Physical Demands 

The person in this role needs to regularly sit, stand, and move throughout the space, utilize manual dexterity and repetitive finger motion, speak, hear and see with close vision. Individuals must be able to lift up to fifty pounds, push or pull, reach or stretch, and utilize distance vision, color discrimination, peripheral vision, depth perception and focusing ability. 

Work Environment 

This position is primarily performed at Protohaven, in both administrative and workshop areas, with occasional exposure to outdoor weather conditions. 

How to Apply

Applications will be accepted until Thursday, June 30th, 2022 @ 11:59PM. The Shop Tech Program will kick-off Monday, Aug 15, 2022 with a training session that all are required to attend.

Please compile a resume, reasons why you’d like to work with us, and details about a project you’ve successfully planned and executed and submit them through this form.