Basic Clearances


Receive clearances based on previous experience and/or self study



Protohaven has a lot of delicate, expensive and potentially dangerous equipment, so equipment clearances are required before using most of the equipment in the shop.

We think the best way to gain clearance on a piece of equipment is through working on a project class that includes a clearance, like our Laser Cutting 101: Coasters and Cut-offs. But we also understand that sometimes you have a specific project in mind and just want to get to that project. This can be done with either previous experience with that equipment or self-study.

Here’s how to get a clearance on a piece of equipment with a Basic Clearance:

  1. Access and study the Tool Tutorial for the equipment you’d like clearance on (this is important)
  2. Sign up for a Basic Clearance for that equipment on this page
  3. We’ll follow up to schedule a time for the clearance that works for both you and the instructor
  4. Come to clearance. You’ll have 1 hour for a walk-through with the instructor and to ask any questions you have. During that time you’ll need to demonstrate that you can use the equipment safely, carefully, and cleanly in order receive clearance to use the equipment independently.

Basic Clearances require Tool Tutorials, and we’re still working on developing many of them. If you don’t see a Basic Clearance listed for the equipment you’d like to use, you can Request a Clearance for that equipment, and we’ll schedule a one-off clearance for it.

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