Blacksmithing 101: Cuffs & Bracelets

$90.00 3 hours

Come solo, meet friends, or bring your loved one(s) to forge a custom-fit cuff with local Blacksmith, Karen Kocher. As an optional add-on you can have your creation personalized with a special message.


Learn to forge, finesse, and finish steel while crafting a hand forged, custom-fit cuff in this blacksmithing intro with Karen Kocher!

You’ll learn how to operate a blacksmithing forge using a suite of critical hand tools (like hammers, tongs, and vices) to heat steel; how to flatten, twist, and shape steel at the anvil; and how to finish your work with natural waxes and oils to obtain the blackened patina commonly associated with Blacksmithing. Whether you’re already a member or choose to become one in the future, taking this class will gain you clearance to use our Blacksmithing Forge independently.