General Membership – Founder’s Discount

$105.00 $85.00 / month


We’re funding Protohaven with a radical idea: pay as you go. Now that TechShop Pittsburgh is closed, we want to bring everyone back together in a new space, and build it up based on this community’s interests. It won’t happen overnight, but we can start right now. Over 100 Founding Members have already helped us get this far.

We need 250 General Members to join us so we can secure a new space before December 22. Those who do will get a unique opportunity to help shape it, and a long-term discount for being an early supporter.

As one of the first 250 people to join us as a General Member, here’s what you’ll get in the first month:

  • Space: Our top choice is 3,000sf (expandable to 12,500sf) at 214N Trenton Ave. We have additional options all over the city.
  • Community: Weekly in-person planning meetings and contributor access to the dedicated Protohaven Member Forum.
  • Lasers, Wifi, Computers, 3D Printers, an Electronics Bench, and Sewing Machines: we have immediate access to all of these and they’re easy to insure.
  • Long-term discount: as one of the first 250 General Members, you’l continue to receive the $20/mo discount for at least the first year.

After that, you’ll get continue to access to more tools and space as we grow. Top priorities are a woodshop and welding shop, and we’ll add each as we get instructors, equipment, and safety approval. Here’s what we plan on having by the end of the first year. If members want different equipment, that’s what we’ll get.


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