Intro to TTRPGs – Dungeons & Dragons

$75.00 4 hours

Get ready for adventure! Learn how to play the classic TTRPG Dungeons and Dragons local artist and game master, Micheal Gregory

Non-members: $75; Members: $60


Join local artist and game master, Micheal Gregory, as he guides you and your fellow players through a role playing adventure filled with magic, monsters, and heroes!

Over the course of four weeks, you will learn how to play the classic TTRPG Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition from building a character to playing a full adventure with others! You will make friends, practice improv and role playing all while learning something new and fun to bring to game night.

About your Instructor:
Michael is a Pittsburgh based photographer. He makes a variety of work that focuses on themes of emotion and memory. As a Game Master (GM) he attempts to give players the tools needed to create unique characters that explore a variety of narrative paths.

Non-members: $75; Members: $60
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Class Dates:

This is a four-session adventure for up to 6 participants.

  • Sunday, 4/17, 1-4pm
  • Sunday, 4/24, 1-4pm
  • Sunday,  5/1, 1-4pm
  • Sunday,  5/8, 1-4pm

You’ll walk away with:

  • Ability to play D&D with friends
  • Resources on building characters and adventures
  • An unforgettable adventure!

What’s included:

  • (4) 4 hour sessions of game play
  • A private #channel on our discord server
  • All of the books/dice/game pieces needed to play will be available during sessions at protohaven.