Introduction to Metalsmithing


Tuesdays, 6-8pm, Feb. 4th – 25th

Learn foundational techniques of metalsmithing and jewelry making from professional jeweler Sarah Sindler of KING RELD. This 4 week course includes a Weekend Membership to work independently during non-class hours.

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Spend an immersive month learning the basics of metalsmithing with 8 hours of in-class instruction from a professional jeweler and 4 weekends of included access for independent practice.

Session 1 – Pierce and Saw:
Create a pendant using a copper penny! Students will learn piercing and sawing to cut out the negative space behind Abe Lincoln’s head and learn to solder it onto a silver disc and attach a silver jump ring to the top so it can be worn on a chain or cord.

Session 2 – Create and properly use jump rings:
Student will get 12” sterling wire at 16 gauge and learn how to anneal and pull it through a draw plate to make the wire thinner and longer, down to 18 or 20 gauge. Anneal the metal again and learn how to coil it around a steel rod to make a spring that they will cut into jump rings with their saw.

Session 3 – Solder more than once on a single piece:
Students will learn to solder both disks together with hard solder, pickle, and then use medium solder to attach the jump ring at the top of their pendant. We will pickle the pieces again. Next, each piece will take a ride in the magnetic tumbler to harden the metal and shine it up. After tumbling, we will use the polishing machine to achieve a high shine polish and matte finish. We will also explore the use of steel wool, pumice powder, and brass brush. We will learn to use liver of sulfur and blackening solution to get an antique look.

Session 4 – Form a Band:
Each student will start with a piece of silver stock (3” x 2.5mm x 1.5mm). We will anneal it and then bend it into a ring shape using a mandrel and pig-knuckle pliers. Next, students will solder the band closed with hard solder and round it out and size it up to their desired size.