Laser 101: Geometric Puzzles

$60.00 2 hours

Get cutting on our highly versatile laser cutter by making your own wooden tessellation puzzle with local artist Lizzee Solomon.


This class will introduce you to some of the skills and methods needed to turn your artwork into seamless, digital patterns as you learn hands-on CNC fabrication methodologies that can scale your art practice. You’ll learn how to operate our large format laser cutter; how to adjust speed and power settings for various materials; and how to work with tessellations to create repeating patterns. Though working with vectors will not be covered in this 2 hour intensive, you will receive a step-by-step guide to Inkscape that can be used as an introductory roadmap. Whether you’re already a member or choose to become one in the future, taking this class will gain you clearance to use our Rabbit Lasers independently.