Locker Storage

From: $2.00 / day



22″ x 22″ x 22″ lockable storage for tools, materials, and projects in the Workshop.

To reserve locker storage, purchase monthly or daily storage, then print your emailed receipt and place it in the vinyl envelope on the locker to claim it as yours.

When finished with storage, visit My Account –> My Subscription to cancel your storage subscription, and remove your receipt from the vinyl envelope.

Protohaven Storage Policy:

Members are welcome to store materials and projects at Protohaven; however, member storage must not impede the work of other members. Therefore, projects, materials, or tools may be left overnight in the shop only in reserved storage areas. A variety of storage options are available for rental on the Protohaven website.

At or near to each storage area is a clear vinyl envelope. To reserve a storage area, print your emailed receipt for storage rental and place it in the envelope.

Projects, materials, or tools left outside of reserved storage areas will be considered abandoned and may be discarded. Volunteer hosts will check storage areas for reservations every night, and storage will be randomly audited by staff.

Anything left on “active space” (on work tables, on equipment, on carts, in travel lanes, etc.) will be discarded.

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