Medium Duty CNC Milling Clearance Class



Learn how to responsibly use our Medium Duty CNC Mill and gain clearance to use it unsupervised. No previous experience required. Experienced users can test out of the class with our Medium Duty CNC Milling Clearance Test.

Equipment Included:

    • Tormach 770 CNC Mill (appropriate for aluminum, copper alloys, plastics, and waxes)
    • Mach 3 control software

By the end of the class, students must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the instructor that they can use the equipment:

  1. Safely: with consideration for both their safety and that of other users
  2. Carefully: without harming the equipment
  3. Cleanly: leaving the work area as clean or cleaner than when they started

This Clearance Class is open to all, but users must have an active membership to access the equipment outside of class time.