Textiles 101: Sewing Machine Basics w/ Tamara Boyd

$90.00 3 hours

Learn how to use a consumer sewing machine, while also learning how to mend and patch your jeans, in this circular fashion 101 with local fashion designer, Tamara Boyd.


Join local fashion designer, Tamara Boyd as she walks you through Consumer Sewing Machine techniques for repairing denim. Learn about reinforcing ripped pockets, worn knees, and unmentionable holes in your favorite jeans, all while learning how to use a standard sewing machine.

Whether you’re already a member or choose to become one in the future, taking this class will gain you clearance to use our Consumer Sewing Machines. This class is great for beginners looking for a strong foundation in the skills and methods necessary to contribute to the world of circular fashion. You’ll get hands-on with both visible and invisible mending—all as you learn to identify key details like weight, stretch, weave, and mindful cutting techniques.