Protohaven X Workshop PGH: Triangle Shelf

$60.00 2 hours

We team up with WorkshopPGH to offer one of their classic wood starter projects here at Protohaven!


We team up with WorkshopPGH to offer their classic Triangle Wood Shelf Class here at Protohaven!

This starter lo-fi wood project is designed to get you comfortable using basic tools. You will learn about saws, using a nail gun, talk on varieties of wood, work with wood glue, sanding and other finishing techniques. We will talk a few wood basics and you’ll use various tools to create your own triangle shelf perfect for crystals, do-dads and all the cute tiny things you’d like to display.

This shelf is perfect to get you started on your woodworking journey that also leaves you with a fun piece of home decor.

Size 15x15x15 triangle, 4 inch wide, and make ONE SHELF from pre-sanded high grade pine.