Precious Plastic 101: Upcycled Tiles

$60.00 2 hours

Make long lasting architectural tiles—all while learning how to operate our Precious Plastic Machines with mechanical engineer, Loryn Bertoti


Don’t know what to do with that pesky #5 plastic?! In this Precious Plastic fundamental, you’ll gain the upcycling skills needed to divert single-use plastic from the landfill.

During this class, you’ll learn how to turn plastic waste into vibrant architectural tiles using an aluminum mould—all while learning how to operate our Plastic Grinder and Portable Injection Molder independently! We’ll cover some of the skills and methodologies needed to prep your recyclables for reuse and make long lasting moulds. This class is great for those who have been interested in working with plastic waste, alternative recycling systems, and the impact they are having on the environment. Whether you’re already a member or choose to become one in the future, taking this class will gain you clearance to use our Precious Plastic Machines.