Site notes


  • Renamed and added class categories, added events, put them all under a primary menu item “Classes & Events”
    • Classes & Events
      • Events
      • Classes
        • Public Talks
        • Public Workshops
        • Basic Clearances
          • Clearance Classes
          • Clearance Tests
        • Skill Classes
        • Project Classes
        • In-Depth Courses
  • Replaced “Join Us” primary menu item with more descriptive “Classes & Events” item for classes and events, and “Membership” for membership options
  • Replaced “Current Members” with more descriptive “Equipment & Space Reservations”
  • Brought “Protohaven Guide” under the “About” primary menu item, but that area is quite full and will likely be condensed


  • Added “Protohaven Guide” page as primary menu item. Page currently includes just the Shop Rules, but more general information about the site, organization, and space will be added over time.

1/24/20 – Updates

  • Dropped Pro Membership price from $175 to $155 (will require buddy system for off-hours use of potentially dangerous tools)
  • Removed Flex Membership, current Flex Members will gradually be upgraded to Team Members at no cost
  • Replaced Flex Membership with Team Membership
  • Team Membership comes with 2 seats for use by anyone in the org, and has better automation for managing team members

1/23/20 – Updates

  • Added mailing lists that automatically sync to membership status and type! (more exciting than it sounds)

1/20/20 – Updates

  • Added staging site
  • tested staging site – it works!
  • swapped in and out a boatload of plugins, and broke staging site. Live site still worked great.
  • created new staging site
  • created dev site (for the really crazy stuff)
  • reduced unnecessary plugin dependencies
  • updated all the necessary plugins
  • reverted to stock Storefront theme installation
  • Created child theme
  • Rearranged header for more menu space
  • Updated “buy button” to take you straight to the cart for faster checkouts!
  • Reduced checkout fields for free items for faster equipment bookings!

1/20/20 – Introduction

When we started Protohaven in a flurry of who-knows-if-this-is-going-to-work in 2017, I quickly made the first version of this website. First we used it to collect email addresses from supporters, then to collect membership dues, then to book equipment and clearances, and then to automatically pay instructors when a class was booked. This has been possible largely thanks to the platform we use – WooCoomerce, built on top of WordPress – and we’ve been able to get a lot of website for not much money. But for it to keep being useful, it needs more love and more updates.

I started doing that over the weekend, and you’ll notice that some of the styling on the site looks different. In an effort to focus on only what we have to – we do after all run a makerspace, not just a website – I reverted everything I could to stock settings. I’m sure we’ll add some custom styling and code as time goes on. But we’ll be doing it in a more reliable, maintainable way – a staging site, child theme, code snippet plugin – all the good stuff. I’ll be logging the changes on this page. They may or may not mean much to everyone, but you’re welcome to follow along if they do. It also helps keep me motivated.