Electronics Area Lead Volunteer

Our Mission


Protohaven is a design and fabrication community built to serve the public good. We believe that engaging people in the process of making things serves to both develop the individual and create a more productive, responsible society. Our approach mixes new technology with traditional techniques to help students and members from all walks of life create amazing projects – from innovative technology to business-building products to inspiring works of art.

Why We Need You

We’ve spent the last two years building a top-quality makerspace for the greater Pittsburgh region. Our campus is 12,500 sqft of continually-evolving studio and workshop space in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania. Our tools include laser cutters, 3D printers, electronic and jewelry benches, and full textile, wood, machining, welding, and metal shops.

But each of those areas needs more than tools to work well. It needs people who know how to use them, and elbow grease to keep each area working well.

As one of Protohaven’s Area Leads, you’ll share your specialized design and fabrication knowledge with others and help the shop better serve those who share your passion.

General Responsibilities

  • Weekly Office Hours: 3 hours regularly scheduled (preferably weekday evenings to lead safety classes), 2 hours flexible
  • Skill Sharing: Act as a sounding board & consultant for members & students seeking project guidance 
  • Clearances: Lead Safety Clearances on all equipment within your shop area—one 30 min test & one 2 hr class per week
  • Maintenance: Lead regularly scheduled maintenance tasks and help to track unscheduled maintenance needs that arise 

Area Specific Responsibilities

  • Demonstrated high-level skill in electronics
  • Comfort maintaining and teaching the safe operation of our:
    • Bench Power Supply
    • Function Generator
    • Oscilloscope
    • Reflow Oven
    • Soldering Stations
    • PCB Mill
  • Eagerness to develop and share knowledge
  • Responsible, empathetic, conscientious, and friendly
  • Experience leading diverse groups of creative people to accomplish common goals
  • Strong critical thinking and problem solving skills


  • Cultivating a shop environment where you enjoy working
  • General Membership or an upgrade from General to Pro Membership status
  •  50% of revenue from each Safety Clearance that you lead
  • First aid and CPR training

How To Apply

Fill out our  Application Form with some basic information to help us get to know about you, the handy skills you bring to the table, and how you’d like to help us grow your area to be a unique asset to those who share your passion!