About Us

Co-Founder & Executive Director
Devin is product developer who has made everything from camping stoves to web applications. He's also managed federal grants and has rowed the entire length of the Monongahela River. He has a JD and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.

Board of Directors

Joel is a product designer, crowdfunding expert, and makerspace advocate. He co-founded the company KinetiGear LLC, whose flagship product BoXZY became the first rapid-swap hybrid device for hobbyist, designers, small businesses, and education. He has a BS in Psychology and a BA in Philosophy from the University of North Florida.
Angelica is a building science expert and sustainability advocate. She is the director of the Green Building Alliance's Pittsburgh 2030 District, a voluntary community of almost 500 buildings committed to 50% reductions in energy consumption, water use, and transportation emissions by the year 2030. She has a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.
Kathryn is a project manager and educator. She has created instructor training curricula, implemented user testing protocols, and built quality assessment tools for makerspaces around the world. She has a BFA in Drama from Carnegie Mellon University.
Olga is a project manager and business consultant. She leads public relations for Nation of Makers and has managed market assessments for makerspaces around the world. She has an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University.
Ben is a product designer, teacher, and business consultant. He is the founder of KerfCase LLC, a design and manufacturing studio dedicated to precision, fine craftsmanship, and natural materials. He has a Bachelor in Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University.