Equipment & Clearances

Shop AreaClearance RequiredTool NameMake and Model
3D Studio3DF: 3D Printing (Filament)Prusa 3D PrinterPrusa i3 MK2 3D Filament Printer
3D Studio3DR: 3D Printing (Resin)Resin 3D PrinterMonoprice Mini Deluxe Resin 3D Printer
3D Studio3DS: 3D Scanning3D ScannerEinScan SE
GraphicsDSP: Dye SublimationDye Sublimation PrinterSawgrass SG1000
GraphicsVNL: Vinyl CuttingVinyl CutterUS Cutter Laserpoint II
GraphicsVNL: Vinyl Cutting / DSP: Dye SublimationHeat PressHotronix Swinger Heat Press
GraphicsVNL: Vinyl Cutting / DSP: Dye SublimationCap PressHotronix Maxx Cap Press
LasersLSR: Large Format LasersLaser 1Rabbit Lasers QX-80-1290
LasersLSR: Large Format LasersLaser 2Rabbit Lasers QX-80-1290
LasersLST: Trotec Laser and Rotary ToolTrotec LaserTrotec Speedy 300 C80
ElectronicsELC: Basic ElectronicsSoldering Stations2 Weller temperature controlled
ElectronicsELC: Basic ElectronicsOscilliscopeRigol digital 100MHz
ElectronicsELC: Basic ElectronicsFunction GeneratorRigol 2 channel
ElectronicsELC: Basic ElectronicsBench Power SupplyGW Instek adjustable, 32V, 5A
ElectronicsELC: Basic ElectronicsReflow Oven7" x 9" infrared
ElectronicsPCB: PCB Milling MachinePCB MillOthermill
TextilesSEW: Consumer Sewing MachineConsumer Sewing MachineSinger Heavy-Duty 4423
TextilesISM: Industrial Sewing MachinesIndustrial Straight StitchJuki DDL 8700
TextilesISM: Industrial Sewing MachinesIndustrial Walking FootJuki DNU-1541S
TextilesISM: Industrial Sewing MachinesIndustrial SergerJuki MO-6714S
TextilesEMB: CNC Embroidery MachineCNC Embroidery MachineBrother PR650e Entrepreneur
Wood ShopWWB: Basic WoodshopTable Saw 1SawStop ICS53230 5HP
Wood ShopWWB: Basic WoodshopTable Saw 2SawStop PCS31230 3HP
Wood ShopWWB: Basic WoodshopWoodworking Bandsaw JET 14" Woodworking Bandsaw JWBS-14
Wood ShopWWB: Basic WoodshopMiter SawJet 12" Sliding Dual Bevel Compound Miter Saw
Wood ShopWWB: Basic WoodshopBelt and Disc SanderJet JSG-6DC
Wood ShopWWB: Basic WoodshopDowndraft TableGrizzly H2936 Vacuum Sanding Table
Wood ShopWWB: Basic WoodshopWoodshop Drill PressJet Step Pulley Drill Press JDP-20MF
Wood ShopWMJ: Millwork and JoineryPlanerLaguna 16" 4-Post Planer MPLAN1510-0120
Wood ShopWMJ: Millwork and JoineryJointerLaguna MJOIN 8020-0130
Wood ShopWMJ: Millwork and JoineryDrum SanderJet 16-32 Plus
Wood ShopWMJ: Millwork and JoineryResaw Bandsaw JET 18" Woodworking Bandsaw JWBS-18QT-3
Wood ShopLTH: Wood LatheWood LathePowermatic 4224B
Wood ShopNoneMain Dust CollectorGrizzly G0601 Cyclone Dust Collector
Big CNCCNC: CNC RouterCNC RouterAvid CNC PRO 5' x 10'
Big CNCCPC: CNC Plasma CutterCNC Plasma CutterAvid CNC PRO CNC Plasma 4' x 8'
Big CNCILC: Industrial Laser CutterIndustrial Laser CutterKern 4' x 8' 150W CO2
Metal ShopMWB: General Metal WorkingVertical Metal BandsawJet VBS-1610
Metal ShopMWB: General Metal WorkingMetal Drill PressCraftsman Drill Press 137.229200
Metal ShopMWB: General Metal WorkingDisc GrinderLaguna 20" Disc Grinder Sander
Metal ShopMWB: General Metal WorkingSteel Bench GrinderJet JBG-10A
Metal ShopMWB: General Metal WorkingAluminium Bench GrinderJet JBG-10A
Metal ShopMWB: General Metal WorkingArbor PressJet AP3-M
Metal ShopMWB: General Metal WorkingShop PressCentral Machinery 20-Ton Shop Press
Metal ShopSHM: Sheet MetalMetal ShearBirmingham/CP Tools H-5214
Metal ShopSHM: Sheet MetalFinger BrakeJet BP-1646H
Metal ShopSHM: Sheet MetalElectric Slip RollESR 1300x1.5
Metal ShopSHM: Sheet MetalHand NotcherJet HN 16-T
Metal ShopSHM: Sheet MetalTurret PunchTin Knocker Hand Turret Punch TK-12
Metal ShopIMW: Industrial Metal Working ToolsIronworkerEdwards 55 ton hydraulic ironworker
Metal ShopIMW: Industrial Metal Working ToolsCold SawJet J-FK350-2K
Metal ShopIMW: Industrial Metal Working ToolsHorizontal BandsawJet J-7040M, 10" x 16" Horizontal Mitering Bandsaw
Metal ShopNoneAir CompressorEaton/Polar Air Rotary Screw Compressor PRS0070003
WeldingMIG: MIG WeldingMIG WelderLincoln Electric Power MIG 256
WeldingTIG: TIG and Stick WeldingTIG WelderLincoln Electric Precision TIG 225
WeldingMPC: Manual Plasma CutterManual Plasma CutterLincoln Electric Tomahawk 625
WeldingOXY: Oxy-Acetylene TorchOxy-Acetylene TorchUnderwriters Laboratory Welding Torch 8F41
Machine ShopMNL: Manual LatheManual Metal LatheJet GH-1440W-3, Geared Head Lathe
Machine ShopMNM: Manual MillManual MillJet JTM-4VS Turret Mill
Machine ShopTOR: Tormach 770 Aluminium MillTormach MillTormach PCNC 770
Machine ShopCSM: Clausing MillClausing MillClausing Kondia CNC Knee Mill
FinishingPDR: Powder Coating and Wet SprayPowder Coating OvenPowder-X
FinishingPDR: Powder Coating and Wet SprayPowder Coating BoothSpectraCoat ES-01
FinishingPDR: Powder Coating and Wet SpraySpray BoothSpray Booth
FinishingPDR: Powder Coating and Wet SpraySandblasterSkatblastUSA 1536 Champion Abrasive Blasting Cabinet
PlasticsVCM: Vacuum FormerVacuum FormerFormech 686
PlasticsVCM: Vacuum FormerStrip HeaterFormec FLB500
PlasticsINJ: Injection MolderInjection MolderMorgan Press G-100T
PlasticsINJ: Injection MolderPlastic DryerKTD Digital
PlasticsPPM: Precious Plastic MachinesPlastic GrinderPrecious Plastic V1
PlasticsPPM: Precious Plastic MachinesPortable Injection MolderPrecious Plastic V1
BlacksmithingBLK: BlacksmithingForgeNC Tools Whisper Momma Open-end Gas Forge
BlacksmithingBLK: BlacksmithingAnvilPeter Wright 120lb
BlacksmithingBLK: BlacksmithingPost ViceUnknown
Jewelry & MetalsmithingJWL: Basic JewelryRotary ToolEurotool Flexshaft
Jewelry & MetalsmithingJWL: Basic JewelrySoldering TorchNatural Gas/ Oxygen
Jewelry & MetalsmithingJWL: Basic JewelryPolishing MachineCraftool 1/3 hp
Jewelry & MetalsmithingJWL: Basic JewelryPickleNone
Jewelry & MetalsmithingJWL: Basic JewelryMagnetic TumblerHuajie KD-100
Jewelry & MetalsmithingJWL: Basic JewelryUltrasonicChicago
CAD HubNoneComputer WorkstationHP Z220
Meeting RoomsNoneConference RoomNone
Meeting RoomsNoneKitchenNone
Meeting RoomsNoneStudio HubNone