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We have different membership types to meet your needs. Storage is not included in membership.

For any questions or assistance regarding membership, please email

REGARDING CLASSES: We currently do not offer classes on the Trotec laser, wood lathe, vacuum former, injection molder, and machine shop equipment (manual mill, lathe, Tormach, etc). However, many of these classes are currently being developed but we do not yet have a date for when they will be added to the course schedule.

Important Info to Understand Before Signing Up for a Membership: We understand that having access to a makerspace can be very exciting and members want to get started quickly after their membership is activated. In order to make sure that you are registering for a membership in the most cost effective manner, we have. provided the information below. This information is also covered in the mandatory new member orientation. Upon purchasing a membership, you will receive an email that includes a link to view the orientation.

Members must have clearance on any equipment that they plan to use. There are two ways to receive a clearance:

  1. Take a class that includes the necessary clearance. This is well-suited for those who do not have much or any experience with the equipment that they want to use. Our class schedule can be found on our website. Classes range from $105 – $420, depending on the length of the class and other factors. You can take a class before you become a member so that once your membership is active, you do not have to wait to use the equipment, as classes are offered based on a schedule and the class you may be interested in may not be available immediately.
  2. Apply for a clearance session with one of our instructors. Clearances are only available to members and are $45 and may cover a single piece of equipment or several pieces of equipment. These sessions are meant for members, who already have a good deal of experience with equipment, to demonstrate a list of competencies, showing the instructor that they can use the equipment safely and properly. NO INSTRUCTION IS PROVIDED DURING THESE SESSIONS. Clearance sessions are pass/fail. Note: After the completion of the mandatory new member orientation, those who have signed up for an individual membership will receive a coupon for $45 off their first class or clearance. This coupon does not apply to corporate or non-profit memberships.

Individual Membership

This membership is for individuals who would like access to the space, equipment, and tools.

The two types of Individual Membership are:

General Membership – $115/month
This type of membership provides access from 10am-10pm, 7 days/week.

Weekend Membership – $65/month
This type of membership provides access from 10am-10pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Sign up for an Individual Membership HERE.

Company Membership

Companies can purchase memberships for their staff. This type of membership requires the company to sign up for a minimum of two seats. Company membership provides access from 24/7 access. An EIN is required.

Please email to discuss company membership.

Non-Profit Membership

Non-profit organizations can purchase memberships for their staff, artists, or other representatives. This type of membership requires the organization to sign up for a minimum of two seats. Non-profit membership provides access from 10am-10pm, 7 days/week. An EIN and proof of non-profit status is required.

Please email to discuss non-profit membership.

Access to Making Program (AMP)

In alignment with our core values, through donations and foundation support we are able to provide discounted membership and class rates of 20, 50, or 70% off for those who qualify. This allows Protohaven to remain accessible to all members of the community. AMP rates are based on the CDBG and HOME FY 2022 Income Limits. Please note that you must have an AMP membership in order to receive AMP rates on classes.

Apply for AMP HERE.