Corporate Events

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Pricing will increase in 2024, so act now!

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Engraved Wooden Signpost (CNC Router, Wood Shop)

2-4 people, $115 pp. ($138 pp. in 2024)

Select a premium hardwood and a design, and make the chips fly! You’ll get an introduction to our large format CNC router and guided instruction on our table saw, router table, and other wood tools as you craft a freestanding signpost to welcome others to your team area. This event is great for small groups.

Steel Bridge (MIG Welding)

6-8 people, $115 pp. ($138 pp. in 2024)

Work all together or in small teams to weld your very own Pittsburgh bridge! You can keep it to show off, or test it to destruction to see how much load it can take. No prior welding experience is required.

Artisan Chain Crafting (Blacksmithing)

6-8 people, $80 pp. ($96 pp. in 2024)

Work together or split into two teams for a friendly competition to see who can blacksmith the coolest steel chain! Each team member will get the opportunity to learn blacksmithing fundamentals, experience team smithing, and craft their own link as part of the greater chain.

Steel Name Plates (CNC Plasma + Powder Coating)

6-8 people, $80 pp. ($96 pp. in 2024)

Spice up your office desk with a custom name plate for each member of your team! You’ll have your choice of font, text, and finish color – and you’ll get a hands-on experience of the whole process from design, to cut, to finishing powder coat.

Graphic Mugs & Tees (Dye Sublimation)

6-12 people, $80 pp. ($96 pp. in 2024)

Show up and gear up! You’ll use our graphics studio to print and transfer full color, high detail images onto shirts and office mugs. Whether it’s a high resolution logo or a big picture of your boss’ face, we can press it into something cool.

Key Fobs (Laser Cutter)

4-12 people, $80 pp. ($96 pp. in 2024)

Have a fob-ulous time with our laser cutters! Your team will pair into small groups to create cool designs, then we’ll laser cut a batch of keyring decorators (“fobs”) for your team. You’ll bring back enough to share with your colleagues!

Recycled Plastic Mosaic (Injection Molding)

4-12 people, $80 pp. ($96 pp. in 2024)

Make your team click together with this recycling team building event! You’ll bring household recyclable plastic that we’ll shred and inject into a metal mold to produce a series of fit-together Einstein tile pieces. You’ll return to the office with a one-of-a-kind mosaic!

Doodle Bus (Laser Cutting)

4-8 people, $80 pp. ($96 pp. in 2024)

Immortalize your doodling skills with our Pittsburgh inspired bus project! Team members will be given pencil and paper to doodle, then one of our graphics experts will transfer the designs to our laser cutter and make a decorative 3D bus!

Laptop & Phone Stickers (Vinyl Cutting)

6-8 people, $65 pp. ($78 pp. in 2024)

Show off your team’s logo with our vinyl sticker studio class! We’ll guide your team through cutting stickers that you can apply to laptops, phone cases and more! This event pairs well with our dye sublimation team event.