Instructors & Onboarders

Do you have skills or a passion that you’d like to share? Apply to be an Instructor and/or Onboarder at Protohaven!

What does it mean to be an Instructor at Protohaven?

Instructors are able to teach a single session course, at least one course a month, or an intensive course, which is a deep dive into a subject one day a week for four weeks. Essentially, you get to share your talents and passion while getting paid for it. 

What does it mean to be an Onboarder?

As an Onboarder at Protohaven, you will play a crucial role in welcoming and orienting new members to our makerspace community. You will provide hands-on instruction, guidance, and support to ensure that new members feel confident and empowered to utilize our tools and facilities safely and effectively.

This role is an extension of an instructor role, that includes some initial paperwork handling and one-on-one instruction.

All of our instructors are on a non-permanent, contract basis. This means that depending on our class needs any course that you teach may be added or removed as needed to meet demand.

Instructors and Onboarders also receive:

  • Clearances on all equipment needed for your class(es)
  • Pay rate of $30/hour
  • Course development stipend
  • 50% off Protohaven membership
  • A cool space to meet new and seasoned makers!

Ideal applicants have one of the following:

  • Class material ready to plug into our system.
  • The ability to create a class, which includes a clear plan and set of objectives.
  • The skills required to instruct any of our currently offered classes.

Not sure if your skill is needed or unsure if we have the equipment to support your material?

Take a look at all of the classes that have been offered previously and our list of equipment

We’re also open to brand new ideas and courses that provide a need that we currently don’t serve! 

These can be introductory (101-level) courses or courses that build on our current offerings.

If you’re interested in being an Instructor at Protohaven, apply using this form. If your skills and experience meet our needs, we will be in touch!