Teaching Fellowship

Our Organization


Protohaven is a nonprofit design and fabrication school built to serve the public good. Our mission is to engage people in the process of making things to enrich individual lives, build thriving communities, and contribute to a vibrant, sustainable society. Our approach mixes new technology with traditional techniques to help students and members from all walks of life create amazing projects – from innovative technology to business-building products to inspiring works of art.

Teaching Fellowship Program


Protohaven’s Teaching Fellowship is a one-year program that is designed for excellent, skillful teachers who are enthusiastic about expanding and sharing their talents in a collaborative, multidisciplinary shop environment.

As a team, Teaching Fellows collaboratively develop core Protohaven classes—classes that dive into everything from immersive projects that teach students how to operate equipment with confidence to advanced maintenance and troubleshooting intensives that earn members clearance to join our maintenance crew.  

Right now, we’re looking to build classes that focus on high-demand tools. That means creating foundational curricula for areas like our graphics and laser studio, blacksmithing forge, consumer sewing machines, metal shop, welding area, and wood shop. With a strong foundation underway, we’ll begin looking to introduce classes that span the full spectrum of tools that Protohaven has to offer.

The Teaching Fellowship team plays a key role in creating a rich, supportive learning environment that brings value to students of all skill levels. 


  • Weekly Class Development: 3 hours of collaborative research and design to take place either from home or on-site with weekly virtual check-ins. Co-develop classes (ideally project-based, but not always) and tool guides that serve as the basis for receiving clearance and building skills.
  • Weekly Office Hours: 3 hours regularly scheduled on-site to lead classes and, when not instructing, help to maintain equipment.
  • Maintenance: Help to track and troubleshoot maintenance needs  alongside staff and qualified volunteers. Collaboratively document preventative maintenance needs to serve as the basis for maintenance training.


  • Demonstrated high-level technical skill
  • Eagerness to develop and share knowledge in a team environment
  • Experience leading diverse groups of creative people to accomplish common goals
  • Responsible, empathetic, conscientious, and friendly
  • Skills in technical troubleshooting, problem solving, and critical thinking

Details and Benefits

  • Cultivating a shop environment where you enjoy creating
  • Free cross-training on equipment where you’ll be instructing
  • $1,000 overall Class Development Stipend
  • $30/hr for Class Instruction
  • Dedicated Trainings like CPR, DEI, Facilitation, First Aid, & Mediation
  • Fellows may work with children and PA Child Abuse History, PA criminal background, and FBI criminal background clearances are required. Associated costs are covered by Protohaven.

How to Apply


Applications will be accepted until Monday, March 15th. The fellowship will kick-off Monday, March 29.

Please compile a resume, reasons why you’d like to teach with us, and details about a project you’ve successfully planned and executed and submit them through the form at https://www.protohaven.org/apply/tf.