Shop Rules

1. Be Safe 

Get Safety Clearances: Most tools in the shop require an Equipment Clearance Class or Test before use. Do not use this equipment before obtaining the necessary clearance. These clearances are the bare minimum required to use the equipment and are not a substitute for consulting manufacturers’ safety guidelines, asking for help, or following general safety principles.

Wear Protective Equipment: Closed-toed shoes and safety glasses are required and hearing protection is recommended in the Workshop area of the space. Wear a respirator when sanding or spraying. Use dust collection, fume extractors, and ventilation fans where provided. No gloves, loose clothing, or dangling hair or jewelry around tools that spin. Additional PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) may be required for specific areas and tools.

Watch and Reset Equipment: Never leave a piece of machinery operating unattended. If you’ve changed equipment settings or setup during use, return them to their original states before leaving the tool.

2. Take Care of the Tools

Get Clearances: Each tool is different and most are expensive and/or delicate. Safety Clearance Classes and Tests provide machine-specific care details so you can effectively use a tool without damaging it.

Do Not Alter or Use Beyond Limits: Tools at the shop are setup to serve a large number of people and projects. Do not permanently alter them for a particular use. If you temporarily change settings or setup, return them to their original state before leaving the tool. Only use tools within their specified parameters. 

Notify When Maintenance Is Needed: We can only fix what we know about. Please use the status tag at each machine and online reporting system to indicate when repair is needed.

3. Keep the Shop Clean 

Clean Up After Yourself: Making things creates garbage and debris. You are responsible to clean it up. Your work area should look better when you leave than when you started.

Return Tools to Their Original Locations: Large equipment should not be moved for use. Smaller tools or carts should be returned to their original location when you are finished.

Pay for Overnight or Monthly Storage: Unless you have paid overnight or monthly storage (of which there are many options), everything you bring in with you must leave when you leave for the day. If you pay for storage, you may only store items in the area designated for you. Anything left outside of your paid storage may be removed and disposed of.